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Allen and Amy Hickman have been married since 1987, and they are the parents of 11 boys. They live in Picayune, Mississippi.


Allen and Amy both knew at an early age that God’s calling of ministry was upon their lives. Both believe when you really know who God is and how He feels about you, you will have no trouble giving your life to Him and for Him.




Irreplaceable: this is how my friend Allen Hickman describes
a godly father. A father of 11 boys, Allen gives practical
examples and biblical advice to help dads launch their children
successfully and fulfill God’s kingdom purpose. He
notes, “Our country has lost its sense of character because
fathers aren’t around anymore to give it to their children
and model it in front of them, but I believe we can change
that. I believe you can change that.” Like Allen, I believe
we can change that, too. If fathers would apply the wisdom
Allen shares in these pages, it would undoubtedly change
the direction of families and churches everywhere.


JAMES ROBISON – Founder and President,
LIFE Outreach International, Fort Worth, Texas

Before reading a book, you want to know how credible the
author writing it is. This is especially true if the book is on
parenting. There are so many opinions out there on how to
raise children. I am sure that we as parents didn’t get it all
right either. That is why I was so excited to hear that Allen
Hickman had decided to write a book on being a father. Not
only is Allen the father of 11 boys…he is a dad! There’s a huge difference between the two. As a dad, mentor, coach, and godly example to his boys, Allen has something to say to all of us. His sons are a testimony of the fact that relational parenting really works. I highly recommend Irreplaceable to parents and grandparents alike. The truths and heartwarming stories will challenge you to take your parenting—discipleship in the home—to a new level!

MARK JOBE – Campus Pastor, Gateway Church,
Southlake, Texas

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